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The Zoological Society's goal this year is to raise money to enhance the new African hoofstock building and yards. The bongos, impalas, yellow-backed duiker and zebras will be moving to a larger area adjacent to the African elephants' new home. It is a quieter part of the Zoo and will hopefully be conducive to breeding for our herds of African hoofstock. The Zoo is hoping to add African Crowned Cranes and possibly a new species of African hoofstock to the group.

Our wish list includes:

● Purchasing a hoofstock examination chute to allow for routine hoff exams, health monitoring and dispensing medications without the need to use anesthesia.

●Constructing stalls for the hoofstock and adding an indoor area for African Crowned Cranes, which will be new to the group.

●Installing special flooring in the building (similar to our giraffe indoor area) that is soft, easy to clean and gentle on the legs of the animals.

●Placing feeding stations in the grassy yard areas.

●Buying new tools needed to take care of the animals' hooves. Building enrichment items such as puzzle feeders and browse planters for the animals

Thank you for your support; it is greatly appreciated!

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