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Help Create a New Hippo Haven!

The Zoological Society's goal this year is to raise money for a new hippo habitat. It will feature a very large pool so you can see the hippos swimming underwater. You will be closer to the hippos than ever before. The Milwaukee County Zoo will be one of only eight zoos in the United States to feature a view of hippos underwater, making the habitat a true haven for our pod of hippos.

We need to raise the funds to make sure we can provide this new haven for our hippos and a clear, up-close view for you.



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    • Donors of $500 to $999 will receive individualized recognition.
    • Donors of $1,000+ will receive larger individualized recognition.

    • Recognition will be installed in the Zoo by mid-2019. For donations of $100 or more, please list below the name to be printed on the recognition sign. If this a gift or memorial, please list the name of the person you're honoring below.

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